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Why Infinitus?

The journey of Infinitus began as a dream and persists because of its mission. Throughout its over 20 years of development, we have gained valuable experience. Drawing on our experience, we overcame many difficulties and challenges, while striving to generate favorable results. The Company Strengths of Infinitus are the result of our direct experience.

Corporate Culture

Infinitus has its own unique corporate culture - “Si Li Ji Ren” (considering everyone’s interest before taking action)” is our core value and “Constant Entrepreneurship” is Infinitus corporate spirit. Both capture the essence of several thousands of years old Chinese cultural traditions. With the accumulated wisdom of over a century, Lee Kum Kee implements a company culture where everyone can benefit, creating win-win situations, where the company and its partners grow and advance together.

Health Concept

Infinitus has created its own unique health concept, “Nourish from Within, Get a Healthy Life”. Based on “Three Restorations and Four Habits”, and rooted in the excellence of Yang Sheng’s thousands-year-old culture, Infinitus provides modern society with a series of easy and practical methods to effectively fulfill urban dwellers’ aspiration of living a healthy lifestyle.

Health Products

Infinitus considers the quality of its products as the essence of the company and developed a system for safety and quality control in the industry supply chain. As a result, Infinitus has gained a strong reputation in the market. In collaboration with renowned institutions, including the University of Cambridge, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Chinese Academy of Sciences, and having Jules A. Hoffmann, a Nobel Laureate and Professor as Scientific Advisor, Infinitus ensures consumers in the health and wellness marketplace receive effective and quality Chinese herbal health products.Infinitus has developed numerous patented technologies, including “Compound Polysaccharides”, which have advanced in the international marketplace. Health Tonic, Infinitus signature product, utilizes the technology of “Compound Polysaccharides” and is both popular and trusted by consumers for more than 20 years. In addition, Infinitus is committed to offering consumers an optimal experience by providing products in various forms, including pills, powder, and tonics, catering to the needs of consumers with diverse preferences.

Brand Value

Infinitus co-works with the sales force at the highest level of legitimacy and integrity. Infinitus has developed an outstanding reputation and positive corporate image, as a trustworthy brand in society. The brand market value of RMB 65.869 billion, is ranked 45th among China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands and is the only Chinese herbal health product brand in the top 50. The brand market value is on par with that of globally recognized brands, including Adidas, Rolex, Sony, and Cartier.

Company Strength

Infinitus holds distinct advantages in the health products industry, including its diverse product offering, brand recognition, core technology and platform infrastructure. Infinitus owns numerous properties including two production bases in Xinhui and Yingkou, Infinitus Plaza in Hong Kong, Infinitus Centre and Infinitus Plaza in Guangzhou and Infinitus Tower in Shanghai. In 2017, Infinitus acquired the landmark commercial building at 20 Fenchurch Street in central London for GBP 1.28 billion (approximately USD 1.7 billion).

Following 20 years of development, Infinitus produces outstanding financial results in the Chinese market. In addition, the company is recognized as a clear leader in the global direct selling industry. In 2018, Infinitus was ranked as 5th on the 2018 DSN (Direct Selling News) Global 100 with annual revenue of USD 3.92 billion. Up to date, Infinitus has established business in various locations worldwide. It continues to maintain a leading position in research, development and the sale of Chinese herbal health products.

Customers and Company as One

Infinitus has always been dedicated to the business philosophy “Customers and Company as One”. This philosophy is also the winning formula for the steady growth of the brand. Infinitus has developed effective communication channels between the company and sales force, including the Business Advisory Committee. “Customers and Company as One” allows Infinitus to take rapid action in response to ongoing market changes, collect feedback and suggestions from its sales force and thereby accurately respond to their needs; We endeavor to create an environment with a high degree of trust and efficiency, enhancing participation, expanding a sense of belonging, and creating win-win situations for our sales force. At Infinitus, we share the same goal and align to take actions together as one to optimize our strength.

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